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One-Stop Solution In A Single Visit

By putting ourselves in the customer's shoes, we have created a one-stop flagship store offering comprehensive services; providing full-scale protection in just a single visit. Our humanized service experience makes for the convenient maintenance and beauty of your car while saving your precious time with worry-free exclusive service. We believe your responsibility is to enjoy life to its fullest, while ours is to care for your treasured possessions.
We provide warranty for accidental scratches on PPF applications for your high-end cars.
Our applicators for your services are professional trained personnel to take care of your treasure.
We are experts in high-end vehicles beauty care like BMW, Porsche and many more.

Experience-Based Consumer Outlook

Customer & Service Oriented In moving with the times, the auto-beauty industry has shifted from a “competitive hard skill era” to a more diverse “service and experience-centric soft skill era”.

FOC has embraced this shift in the industry, not only increasing our technical competencies but also developing soft skills to move the hearts of our customers that they may see the sincerity of our enterprise. Our approach has resonated with many customers, cementing the immovable place within the core of the FOC brand.

The decor of our lounge marries luxury and brand warmth, highlighting our up-market positioning. The showroom is designed to be simple and atmospheric, and every luxury car parked in it is presents as a moving art piece, waiting for you to embark on a dynamic adventure.
Our workshops run like clockwork, and the team of technicians wears professional uniforms, like a team of specialist surgeons performing an operation, surgically enhancing your entire car with protection. View of the work area is open, bright, and unobstructed, allowing each car owner to inspect the work process in real time; this open and transparent approach assures each customer that their treasured car is in good hands when it reaches FOC.

Both consultation floor and lounge areas are softly illuminated, allowing customers a comfortable consultation or a place to relax while their cars receive the best facial with FOC. Refreshments are always available, while the location is highly convenient, withrestaurants and entertainment venues all within walking distance. If the situation arises, FOC also provides delivery service, putting to action our customer-oriented service philosophy to anticipate and meet the needs of every customer.

With 6 work stations, 10 parking spaces, all with CCTV and 24 -hour monitoring system, rest assured that each car is protected comprehensively. Our commitment to providing a truly humanized experience has widened the gap between us and traditional competitors since the entry of luxury cars into the market. FOC breaks away from the "black, dirty and messy" mechanic shops, redefining the auto beauty and care industry, ensuring each customer is considerately and competently cared for.



The ultimate care starts from the showroom with our on-call professional technician team

Be it the testing or purchasing, our sales team is ever ready to link your car to our professional technicians. Our on-call team of professional technicians will be with you every step of the way, starting from the showroom to the end of the job, ensuring the highest level of care for your beloved car.



Outstanding Results From Meticulous Service Flow

Our founder's car dealership experience, the efficiency of the operation team, and the meticulousness of the technician team synergise perfectly, jointly conceived to standardize the service process, and the work list clearly defines the service content and product accessories. Every inch of the car is cared for attentively, avoiding any mistakes or missteps in the minefield which will dull the brilliance from the car
Each task undergoes meticulous quality inspection before passing our masterpiece back to you. FOC also intimately informs customers of the condition of the vehicle, keeping you at ease every step of the way. FOC stores also accept a variety of payment methods, support the emerging PayLater model as well for a relaxed and smart payment structure for the customer.
With our synergistic service flow and matured technicians rich in experience, FOC can replicate this service model and apply it to every branch to ensure that each FOC has a standardised service and accountability system, emphasising attention to detail, and continue to exhibit our outstanding professionalism.

Redefining after-sales service for the ultimate customer service experience

Once you join the FOC family, we will always be by your side. Our after-sales service exceeds consumers' expectations time and time again. Comprehensive after sales service not only deepens our relationship with consumers and exhibit our brand value, but also proves our confidence in the products and services we provide.

FOC regularly follows up with customers, provides complimentary vehicle inspection, and provides additional maintenance and beauty care. We continuously optimize our after-sales service to elevate your fun and passionate driving experience

Driving Professional Development of Human Capital

As the living standards of Malaysians improve, so does car ownership rise. Cars are long-term purchase, and car beauty and maintenance is intended to extend the life of the vehicle and ensure driving safety.

It later became an indispensable part of car culture, a symbol of social status, showing the unique personality and aesthetic preference of car owners. Be that as it may, car beauty professionals are not regarded highly, often labelled as a vocation done by non-academic individuals. We believe that everyone is created equal, and that there should be no distinction between vocations.

The founding team is also determined to build a perfect development and promotion system through FOC, giving technicians their due respect, break negative stereotypes, and encourage young people who love cars to enter the industry and realize their childhood dreams.

Our team currently consists of 16 members: 10 technicians, 5 logistics staff, and 1 content creator. From 4 people at the time of opening to 16 people today, we have carefully chosen talented people and continued to expand; this also supports our business philosophy, which has seen high praise by our team members and job seekers.



Preserve Car's Beauty and Value with PPF COATING

Don't compromise on your car's beauty and value. Click to explore our PPF service now and safeguard your investment for years to come.
We specialize in a wide range of services, from meticulous car detailing to paint correction and protective paint film (PPF) application.

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