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Is Paint Protection Worth It For Your Car?

is paint protection film worth it

When it comes to detailing your vehicle to be its optimum and shiny look at all times, paint protection film might be the best choice for your car!


What would you expect from paint protection film?

I would say that it will give that protection of your car that you needed on the outside, it can make your car stay glossy and preserve your car paint at the highest standard.

Your car will be looking new but there’s always a catch when it comes to aesthetics to just look shiny and glossy.

paint protection film worth it shiny and glossy look

The catch here would be, the paint protection film is a bit costly and you can choose which part that you want to be wrapped. If you don’t mind spending the money to make your car look good, then it’s the best choice for you and for your car in the long run.


What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film is one of the most high-class techs that is used when it comes to protecting your vehicle. It comes at rank first and ceramic coating comes second which made it pretty expensive and comes with the best protection possible.

So, the paint protection film is actually a polymer that is placed over the body parts that can protect the car from scratches, UV rays, rock chips and other road debris.

paint protection film road debris

Most of the time, the shops that you go to for detailing will recommend you to apply on all the highest impact areas like the front bumper, the hood, side mirrors and the rear bumper. These areas are more vulnerable to most damage.

This polyurethane-based material is transparent and able to heal the top layer if it gets scratched. It’s one of the best moves when it comes to protecting your vehicle from getting minor scratches when you first bought your new car.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room;

How much does it cost?

Well, even if you’re not very street-smart about cars, you would know that it is expensive. But the question is, how expensive it really is?

Some people want to DIY and do it from the comfort of their home, but the thing is, it is not easy to apply as you do for car coating.


Even with the correct tools, you might have a hard time applying those paint protection films on all of your car body parts.

It’s like applying a screen protector on your phone, have you tried getting those bubbles off your phone and it doesn’t go away? And when the shop did it, they have done it with ease.

paint protection film ppf professionals

Because you need professional car detailers to do it for you as they have applied these paint protection film for more than 1000+ cars which are far better to let them do the job than you trying for the 1st time.

It does cost around RM2,500 – RM3,000 for the full hood and sometimes it goes to RM4,000 and above for the full front. As I’ve mentioned before full front is high impact areas such as the front bumper, the hood, side mirrors and the rear bumper.

paint protection film body parts full hood

if you find a cheaper one, the only difference here is the quality of the paint protection film (ppf). They look the same but the quality does matter.

It’s the same thing as buying a screen protector or tempered glass. Which one is best at protecting your phone? They look the same, but will it make a difference when there’s a collision or high impact?

Best paint protection film (ppf) will have the great qualities of self-healing features from scratches and give you that glossy premium looks even after applying.


How long does it last?

Here’s one of the great things when paint protection film is mentioned. They are designed to last for a long period of time.

The paint protection film is designed to be the first line of defence between the film and the bare car paint.

The longevity of the paint protection film is roughly around 5 to 7 years depending on your driving conditions, wear and tear and the way you take care of your car.

paint protection film

Not only that it last long, you even have a warranty for 5 to 10 years depending on the product that you’ve purchased.

If you have a problem with your paint protection film (ppf), you can use your warranty provided that the warranty is still available, this will also extend the time you have used PPF on your car.

When you think about it, it’s a great investment for your vehicle. Not everyone will keep their car for more than 5 years. Studies have shown that Malaysian tend to change their cars every 3 to 5 years to a brand new car model.

Either it is an upgrade from the previous model or a car with a different brand and a new version. Looking a this, the warranty and the longevity of the car will be sufficient for an owner who wants to apply paint protection film.

If you calculate for the maximum years of the price of paint protection film (ppf) it would be around RM66 per month for 5 years with the PPF worth RM4,000.


How do you use the warranty?

PPF owners will need to pay attention to these details:

Every paint protection film must be;

  • Registered
  • Recognized


By the installation company is certified to use the selected products.

There are several things that would impact the product longevity and these lists will have a big impact on the life span of your paint protection film:

  • Wear and Tear
  • Car Care and Maintenance
  • The Installer
  • Surface Preparation
  • The Environment of the Car Centre
  • Additional Protection (exp; Ceramic Coating & etc)

Make sure to ask your installation company for advice and how the warranty works because some companies use different brands or products.


The Main Question, Is It Worthed?

Is paint protection film worthed? From what you’ve read so far, in terms of the pricing and the quality of the product that could benefit your car.

What’s your conclusion based on your 1st time getting to know more about paint protection film (ppf)?

In my opinion, it’s definitely worth it. Period.

You could try coating, polishing and etc, but nothing beats PPF.

It’s true that they have their own purpose when it comes to protecting your vehicle.

And bringing that glossy and shiny look to your car.

But to consider a fact that it could last for 5 to 7 years and will cost the owner only RM66 per month for RM4000 worth of PPF, it’s definitely worth the price you paid for.

I know some of you may seem that 7 years might be a long time, but if you considered the car like a precious possession, it won’t matter that much.

As you know, it would be a great investment in the long run. Consider the part of wear and tear and how you take care of the car.

Most people don’t really know PPF even existed and some considered it as waste or have a different perspective towards it.

They saw that huge 4 to 5 digits price tag and gave themselves a red flag. Little did they know that it could save them a lot of money repairing if you have minor scratches.


What Type of Car is good for PPF?

Any type of car is good. New cars are the absolute must when they come out from the dealership.

If the car is considered brand new to you. PPF is the way to go, unless you have plans to change your car’s paint colour.

That’s another story.

If you felt that the price is too expensive, I suggest that coating is another best option to go for.

car collection ppf

Luxury cars are definitely a must as they are collectables. And the reason you bought it is to look good for your image.

You don’t want your luxury car looking dirty and have to wash them all the time.

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