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Top 10 Best Auto Detailer in Penang

top 10 best auto detailer in penang

Finding the best auto detailer in Penang may be difficult as we got many choices.

So, we’ve put up a list where you can choose your choice of the top 10 auto detailers in Penang!

When it comes to car care, you would need to find the perfect place to make your car shine and protect.

No matter what service you desire, which shop you choose does matter in terms of professionalism, product quality and technique.


Here are the top 10 list of the best Auto Detailer in Penang that you can find:


1. Facial Of Cars Sdn Bhd

foc car detailing

With over 10+ years of experience in car detailing services, sponsored and organize events on car-related.

Their service has been very great with top of the shelf products.

Most of their clients are high-end cars ranging from Honda, Porsche and even Ferrari! Even so, they serve most cars that are freshly imported from car dealers.

That’s why when you bought a new car, some are already coated or have protection included.

They are trained professionals that will ensure your car are protected with the right coating method and the best product possible.

The most popular product that they provide is the SSDON Paint Protection Film which gives the best affordability and quality.


2. Ceramic Pro

ceramic pro foc detailing

Ceramic Pro offers a variety when it comes to car coating. They specialize in ceramic car coating which gives another protective layer that protects your car paint.

The most popular product that they offer is the Ceramic Pro 9H Coating that multi-layer-able, clear, nano-ceramic coating.

They also have certified installers when it comes to doing coating their client’s vehicle.


3. Autosol Detailing Centre

autosol foc detailing

Autosol is known for car detailing and most of its restoration projects of the exterior of the car, making it shine.

You can definitely try to use their service when it comes to giving your car exterior shines more than other cars.

Especially enforcing some protection features.


4. Bee Wax Car Detailing Center

auto detailer penang

Like any other car detailing centre, Bee Wax is located near George Town, Penang area. The place is well lit with “bee-shaped” hive lights.

That definitely set the mood for your car waxing and polishing. It is a nice place when it comes to doing your car wash, wax and polishing.

They also have services like car coating and interior protection. They don’t really have paint protection film (ppf) and window tint. But if you are more fond to just polishing and have a good car wash. This could be your pit stop.


5. VV Car Salon Centre

auto detailer car coating

Besides car wash, if you are looking for all-rounded coating, this car detailing car centre offers a variety of coating types and at different parts of the car.

They do have 8H & 9H Coating which is popular when you first want to have a protective layer for your car.

They also have a car wash service if you want to get the whole package which is quite suitable since you are getting your car a coating.


6. IShield Auto Detailing

ishield car detailing

I know there are a lot of coating solutions to choose from, that’s why ISheild Auto Detailing comes into place where their main product is window tinting.

They provide a great set of protection when it comes to window tints with reasonable pricing. Most of the tinting products cover 99% UV protection.

They do have other services also, such as PPF, Coating and Car wash.


7. Gilin Auto Detailing

gilin foc detailing

Like any other auto detailing centre, they provide multiple lists of services from car wash, polishing, car coating, and sterilized treatment.

They are the most professional in the cleaning department. Which covers most of the exterior service of the car paint.

If you feel like doing only coating or car wash. This is the place to go.


8. Car Ninja

car ninja foc detailing

When it comes to paint correction, Car Ninja is the way to go for you.

Your vehicle can be repaired and shine again like new.

They do have a premium car wash that also has a combo with their car coating solutions to make up that glossy look on your car.


9. TME Premium Detailing

Feeling like having that premium detailing to your vehicle? You could be getting yourselves for a premium car wash and wax.

They do have other services like window tint, leather wax, cushion treatment, coating and other related services.


10. JK Car Grooming Enterprise

car auto detailing in penang

There are located in Air Itam, Penang which is strategic for people who wanted to have their premium car wash on the island itself.

You wouldn’t know when you need a good car wash day to take a picture of your car when travelling.

They provide services like manual car washing, car polishing, Wax, Windscreen Watermark Removal, Nano Mist, Car Repair, Battery and Engine Oil Change.


If you are looking for the Best Auto Detailer in Penang, just drop by this website.

I’m sure you’ll have the best experience when it comes to auto detailing.



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